Friday, October 10, 2008

So long, Evans clan!

We are moving.... to a new blog that is! We have found a more fitting title and have recommitted ourselves to keeping our friends and family updated on our crazy lives! So, check us out at evansfamilycircus.blogspot and we promise to try to keep it up to date!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yes, she did it! Parker cut her hair!! Long, curly pigtails-GONE!! Yes, mommy cried at the sight of the pile of long, curls on her bathroom countertop!! I just kept saying- "what did you do?". I think only then did she start to realize the permanancy of what she had done. She didn't really want anyone to say anything about it for the next few days and even still she doesn't like the attention it gets her. We do miss the beautiful curls, but aunt Ashlee gave her a pretty cute cut. Parker keeps saying things like "I like long hair better".

She did it too!! Not the cutting hair thing, but the violin thing! Avery had her first violin recital- and she played!! We were nervous about if she would even get up in front of all those people, so we wanted to keep it low key- no extra guests, no big hoopla. It was so awesome to see her push through her fear and just get up and play! She did awesome! She played E String Concerto, and Pop goes the Weasel. We're so proud of her!!

Life is so crazy! No matter how much you try to simplify, life just has a way of speeding up. So, here's a little taste of our insanity over the last couple of months:

Halloween- too fun! Matt went as Han Solo, me as Princess Leia, Sam as Yoda (way funny), Avery as a witch, and Parker as Minnie Mouse! I thought I was doing so good getting an early start on costumes this year. I had my dress done a couple of weeks early (for a Young Womens party), Parkers dress started weeks in advance, but I still ended up sewing all night the night before to finish Avery's and all Halloween day for Matt and Sam's. Why do I do this to myself? Do I really need to sew original costumes for all five of us every year? Well, yes, these pics are priceless!! Maybe I'll just try to start in September next year!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hey everyone! I've decided I'm not a very good blogger. I have a hard enough time getting to my good old pen and paper journal without adding in all this fancy-schmancy technology stuff. But, I did think you'd like to see the girls "first day" pics! They were so excited for first grade and preschool to start- they LOVE school! Mommy, on the other hand has mixed feelings!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since we've posted anything new to our blog and the kids are getting way too big, so I thought we'd better get some new pics up for you to check out. Matt has always been the one to post on this thing, so I'm just figuring it out- hope this works!

Lots has been going on in our little world! Oh happy day- Matt's graduation finally came! The only thing missing was Parker Rae.

Sammer's turned one! Yes- already! Here is my favorite birthday picture- can you guess who his daddy is?

We've been so busy with all of our big changes, but now we're settled in our new home in Layton and really enjoying it! Since moving, we've celebrated our 7th anniversary and Parker's 4th birthday- much to her dismay. She's been asking me for the last 3 months- "Am I 5 yet?"

Monday, March 19, 2007

We all had soooo much fun on our trip to California. We stayed for a couple days in San Diego, and then went north to mousier country. This first picture is all of us in Old Town San Diego at a great outdoor mexican restaraunt.

Here is Avery standing by an old cannon in the old city square in the old district of old San Diego. It's OLD.

We went to SeaWorld and saw all the amazing sea creatures and talented people that work with them. Avery and Parker got to feed, pet, and help train a dolphin. (more pictures of SeaWorld will follow as our camera battery died right after this shot)

We went to the beach at Carlsbad. The girls loved the sand and didn't want to leave.

Sam did too!

Avery said,"I want to see the castle first!". So we did.

Parker decided she wanted to be a kitty, and Avery wanted to be a butterfly.

The girls got to meet all of the disney princesses, and ask them questions and give them hugs.

And Tessa and Sam and I, well. . . .birds of a feather.

All the girls riding on Heimlich's roller-coaster.

Sam rode most of the way.

Avery loved being in 'BugLand'.
California was soooo cool, we want to go back already. Real-life is a drag.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hello Friends!

This is my first post. Thanks for checkin' it out.
Here are all my beautifull kids for you to see.