Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life is so crazy! No matter how much you try to simplify, life just has a way of speeding up. So, here's a little taste of our insanity over the last couple of months:

Halloween- too fun! Matt went as Han Solo, me as Princess Leia, Sam as Yoda (way funny), Avery as a witch, and Parker as Minnie Mouse! I thought I was doing so good getting an early start on costumes this year. I had my dress done a couple of weeks early (for a Young Womens party), Parkers dress started weeks in advance, but I still ended up sewing all night the night before to finish Avery's and all Halloween day for Matt and Sam's. Why do I do this to myself? Do I really need to sew original costumes for all five of us every year? Well, yes, these pics are priceless!! Maybe I'll just try to start in September next year!

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