Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since we've posted anything new to our blog and the kids are getting way too big, so I thought we'd better get some new pics up for you to check out. Matt has always been the one to post on this thing, so I'm just figuring it out- hope this works!

Lots has been going on in our little world! Oh happy day- Matt's graduation finally came! The only thing missing was Parker Rae.

Sammer's turned one! Yes- already! Here is my favorite birthday picture- can you guess who his daddy is?

We've been so busy with all of our big changes, but now we're settled in our new home in Layton and really enjoying it! Since moving, we've celebrated our 7th anniversary and Parker's 4th birthday- much to her dismay. She's been asking me for the last 3 months- "Am I 5 yet?"