Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yes, she did it! Parker cut her hair!! Long, curly pigtails-GONE!! Yes, mommy cried at the sight of the pile of long, curls on her bathroom countertop!! I just kept saying- "what did you do?". I think only then did she start to realize the permanancy of what she had done. She didn't really want anyone to say anything about it for the next few days and even still she doesn't like the attention it gets her. We do miss the beautiful curls, but aunt Ashlee gave her a pretty cute cut. Parker keeps saying things like "I like long hair better".

She did it too!! Not the cutting hair thing, but the violin thing! Avery had her first violin recital- and she played!! We were nervous about if she would even get up in front of all those people, so we wanted to keep it low key- no extra guests, no big hoopla. It was so awesome to see her push through her fear and just get up and play! She did awesome! She played E String Concerto, and Pop goes the Weasel. We're so proud of her!!


Dallas Despain said...

Hey guys! I can't believe Parker took it upon herself to cut her own hair! How much did she cut? How long did it take her? You guys just didn't notice? That's so hilarious. She looks cute though. Congrats to Avery on her violin performance. That's a pretty funny story. How's Logan and the new job?

The Steiner's said...

Hey Tessa,

How is life for you? Everything is fine here. How is everyone doing? Avery has gotten(lack of better word) so big, it seems like she is still a sunbeam. Oh bytheway this is Dusti, used to be Crowley.
if you would like you can send me a line at dnrsteiner at yahoo dot com.