Monday, March 19, 2007

We all had soooo much fun on our trip to California. We stayed for a couple days in San Diego, and then went north to mousier country. This first picture is all of us in Old Town San Diego at a great outdoor mexican restaraunt.

Here is Avery standing by an old cannon in the old city square in the old district of old San Diego. It's OLD.

We went to SeaWorld and saw all the amazing sea creatures and talented people that work with them. Avery and Parker got to feed, pet, and help train a dolphin. (more pictures of SeaWorld will follow as our camera battery died right after this shot)

We went to the beach at Carlsbad. The girls loved the sand and didn't want to leave.

Sam did too!

Avery said,"I want to see the castle first!". So we did.

Parker decided she wanted to be a kitty, and Avery wanted to be a butterfly.

The girls got to meet all of the disney princesses, and ask them questions and give them hugs.

And Tessa and Sam and I, well. . . .birds of a feather.

All the girls riding on Heimlich's roller-coaster.

Sam rode most of the way.

Avery loved being in 'BugLand'.
California was soooo cool, we want to go back already. Real-life is a drag.

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Dallas Despain said...

Hey Matt,

Those are great! That looks like some wild ride taking the kids there. I can't believe how big Sam is. That picture on the beach is cool. He looks like he knows exactly what's going on. Wish we could have gone. See you soon I hope (graduation)?